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photo restoration & repair

We provide a photo restoration and repair services for your treasured prints from a single picture up to a full family album, all lovingly restored to their former glory. The restoration work is done digitally-not on the original print which is only used for the initial scan and then returned to you. Whilst we provide a scanning service you can provide a scanned image saving the need to send your valued prints to us, please see the "Customer Image Upload" page for further details and our upload portal.

A fast and easy quoting service is available by using your mobile phone, step by step instructions can be found here, for large photo collections or collections that have to stay on-premise we can arrange a site visit (UK service only), please contact us for further details.

All photo's or scans are handled with the utmost care and attention, the restoration work is 100 percent carried out in house, once you have approved the restoration work and received the digital files all working copies are deleted from our system, there are no backups! they are your prints and scans and we keep it that way.

We can restore from prints with

Dust and scratch removal

Ink and Pencil lines or writing

Fire and heat damage

Creases, folds and cracks

Emulsion repair

Light leaks

Tears and photo seperations

Water & fluid damage

Colour casts

Photo re-construction due to missing elements 

prices & examples

The amount of restoration work varies considerably from one print to the next which is why we provide a no-obligation quotation service before any restoration or repair work is undertaken. Payment for our services is due once we have completed the restoration and you are happy with the result, once payment has been received we provide the full resolution image in JPEG format, other formats available on request.

The pictures below give an indication of what can be achieved and the associated costs, please note there will be an addition scanning fee if you provide the original photos and return postage costs.


An additional fee at the current Royal Mail Recorded delivery rate to be applied for the return of the original picture.

  • Original photo scan.

  • Remove dust and scratches.

  • Remove unwanted and distracting objects.

  • Remove a minor colour cast.

  • Brightness & Contrast enhancement.

  • Sharpen image.


  • Customer provided an image scan.

  • Crop & straighten image.

  • Remove dust, scratches, and blemishes.

  • Remove a minor colour cast.

  • Reconstruct collar. 


  • Customer provided an image scan.

  • Crop & straighten image.

  • Remove dust, scratches, and blemishes.

  • Remove distractions (customer request)

  • Darken parts of the image.

  • Increase colour saturation.

  • Brightness & contrast.


  • Image scan.

  • Crop & straighten image.

  • Remove dust, scratches, and blemishes

  • Remove objects.

  • Reconstruct picture corners.

  • Repair damage coursed by picture fold.

  • Reconstruct faces and clothing.

  • Remove colour cast.

  • Adjust brightness & contrast.

  • Sharpen.

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