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Welcome to our Instagram feed, pictures posted to our Instagram will automatically arrive here moments later along with auto-posting

to our twitter account.

Whilst we primarily post wedding-related pictures to Instagram we will introduce a wider range of topics here, such as various projects we have planned for 2020, these will include some landscape work and some more experimental work using various props. As we broaden the content pictures from all around the UK and from our travels abroad will end up here, not just content from Bedfordshire and the surrounding Counties.

The pictures posted here are all taken using Canon bodies and L series lenses up until Dec 2019 at which point we have switched exclusively to using Fuji and their EX range of lenses, I mention this in case people can notice a difference in the look and feel of the pictures. So far I can say the results from the Fuji gear have been impressive and I find the lens quality to be fantastic.


We will be posting some Blogs regarding our time with the Fuji gear with some informal reviews so check back from time to time if that interests you.  

So have a scroll through our Instagram feed, use the Show More button, this will enable you to see the entire account from the website and click on an image for a larger view.

For our wedding portfolio, you can click here to jump straight to the galleries.

Mark Haysom.

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